May 23, 2017

John Jeffries Martin

Professor of History


Expression and Insight: The Self Between Calvin and Montaigne

Respondent: Prof. Moshe Sluhovsky, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

John Jeffries Martin is a historian of early modern Europe and the Chair of the Department of History at Duke University. His specializes in the social, cultural, and intellectual history of Italy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His current research focuses on the history of torture in early modern Italy, a topic he is pursuing through a study of Francesco Casoni, a provincial intellectual, whose writings on evidence and the art of conjecture did much to undermine the need for the use of torture in the courts of Europe in the early modern period. He is the author of Venice’s Hidden Enemies: Italian Heretics in a Renaissance City (1993) and Myths of Renaissance Individualism (2004). He is currently completing Crossing the Boundaries of Hercules: Knowledge, Faith, and Power in Early Modern Europe, a history of Europe from the late fifteenth to the early nineteenth century.